Sunday, July 25, 2010

Carrnivore or Herbivore.

Besides the obvious fatal flaws, Veganism is a Moral choice. Not one I would consider, because as much as I like animals... I like myself and my health more.

Theres just no way around it, our bodies are NOT adapted to eating only Vegetables.

We need Meat. Now don't get me wrong. I want Sustainable, Humane, Quality and Healthy Meat. not the CFA poison either.

Thats why I eat Wild Fish, Grass Fed Beef, Wild Forest Fed Boar, Free Range Non Soyfed Chickens and Eggs.

I look for this food to be local if possible, so that I can see how it lives on the farm. So that I Know whats going into my food.

That being said, I just wanted to leave you with 2000 words... Carnivore vs Herbivore, which would you rather be.

Image courtesy of Ianmichaelthomas

image courtesy of G1!7ch

Personally, Im sticking with a Highly Carnivorous, Nutrient Dense Diet with a Healthy Portion of Vegetables on the side... because thats what my body has adapted to live on.


Kelly said...

Then there's the environmental stance on vegetarianism/veganism...conventional farming methods are horrid for the environment, but pasturing animals make the ground sequester more carbon from the atmosphere, and buying veggie burgers made from soy that was grown on ravaged land in Brazil and shipped to the U.S. ain't so sustainable. But I'm preaching to the choir.

Kelly said...

By the way, where do you get wild boar? I'd love to try it.

Stephen (Aegis) said...

Stephen (Aegis) said...

Fuddruckers has Wild Boar now! Try it with Lettuce instead of Bun!

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