Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chickens are not Herbivores.

Chickens are not Herbivores.

Chickens are Omnivores. Now, don't start envisioning wild packs of chickens roaming the countryside taking down wild boars or a loose cow. They do however, love insects.

As with all other food I recommend, a Free Range, Pastured Chicken is allowed to EAT WHAT ITS SUPPOSED TO EAT. Same as when people won't have optimal health with an all vegetarian diet, neither will your chicken or it's eggs.

Amazingly, when animals eat what they are supposed to eat, just like us.... they are healthier.

I dont eat sick animals.

Free Range Chickens produce higher quality eggs. Darker Yolks, a Much better Omega 3 to Omega 6 Ratio, and they taste ALOT better as an added bonus.

Chickens should not be eating soy, for the same reasons we should not be eating soy... and some of those anti-nutrients are delivered right from the eggs directly into our diets. In addition to the poor fat balance.

Ive found two incredibly tasty commercial brands that are Soy Free and have excellent Omega Balance.

Tropical Traditions
 Organic Soy-free Omega 3 Eggs (4 dozen)
Organic Soy-free Omega 3 Eggs (4 dozen)

and Christopher Eggs(I buy them at the local Kroger (appx 2.70/dz)
The Christopher Eggs have 660mg of Omega 3 to 660mg of Omega 6, or that Ideal 1:1 Ratio.

These are of course barring finding a Local Farm to get Organic Free Range Eggs.(best choice)


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