Saturday, June 5, 2010

Exercise Should be Fun.

Honestly. I Cringe every time I hear someone complain about going to the gym.

Why go? Seriously. Skip the Gym, Cancel your membership. If you don't Enjoy it, Don't do it.

There are so many ways to get your exercise as entertainment. Why would you pay to torture yourself and then go pay to sit on your butt later and call it entertainment?

Here are some of our Favorite Hidden Exercises. They all require me to use Muscles, Many Build Muscles, All of them are fun.(Subjective)

Aegis: Belegarth/Dagorhir Medieval Combat Fighting.
Thor: Wrestling at the Local Dog Park

Aegis: Ultimate Frisbee
Thor: Catch the Frisbee

Aegis: Nature Hike w/ Tree Climbing, Hill Sprints, Log Jumps, Small Rock Climbs.
Thor: Nature Hike w/ Whats that sound?, Look a squirrel!, Creek Splashing.

Aegis: Tennis/Volleyball
Thor: Fetch the Tennis Ball (and promptly rip off all the fuzz)

Aegis: Swimming in the Pool
Thor: Swimming at the Lake/River/Creek(see Nature Hike)

Aegis: Throwing the Ball with Thor and then chasing them both down...
Thor: Chasing the Ball Aegis threw and then running around with it...

Bike Rides, Kayaking, Tree Climbing,  the list goes on and on.

the writer and editor of Live Smarter, Not Harder takes no responsibility for your lack of grace and balance in tree climbing or other "fun" activities. Any injuries sustained while following their advice is strictly from your own lack of dexterity.


Kristin said...

I read this post awhile ago, but didn't comment. Wanted to tell you that it made me laugh out loud "the writer and editor...takes no responsibility for your lack of grace and balance in tree climbing or other 'fun' activities." Haha- luckily Landry's were born with grace and balance!

I completely agree that exercise can be and is fun- I actually found some group classes that are fun too. I've been going to Pilates, Yoga and Step classes at the YMCA (because it is too hot outside to do anything that is not in the water- we do try to kayak on the river when we can). I'm working muscles that I never work when running and am having fun and looking forward to the classes. I still like the running too. Lots of satisfaction in accomplishing the distance.

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