Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thor says, Feed me MEAT.

Thor is a Carnivore.

Just like his 2 Good Friends Nariel and Arwen (our 2 cats.)

They are not Omnivores. No matter how much you want your "pet" to be like you. They are domesticated versions of WILD Animals. Wolves and Cats in the Wild EAT MEAT.

Their digestive systems are not designed to eat vegetables, and the influx of carbs that all these bagged foods include for your pet only make your furry companions health worse. Look at the epidemic of overweight pets... we are feeding our pets much like we are feeding ourselves... horribly.

Your Furry Friends needs Protein and Fat. Thats it.

I cringe everytime I pass by a "Pet Bakery".... expensive poison for your loved companion... wow.

Love your Furry Friend? Share some of your Grassfed Steak, Wild-Caught Fish, Free Range Chicken next time...

and buy food that isnt loaded with carbs/vegetables, that marketing is WRONG.


ben said...

ive long wondered about the link between us paleoprimal people and rawfeeders in the petworld. I mean, our thinking is all the same, right? Good to see you bringing it up. My pit Simon has from birth been 100% raw. Most days i go with split chicken breasts (best meat to bone ratio i can consistently find) and then occasionally beef heart.
great blog in general, too. found it from paleohacks

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