Thursday, May 20, 2010

Aegis's Top Ten Weightloss for Life Rules.

These are my simplified guidelines,

To get you started, for more
details... Keep reading my blog or do some research, learn something I may be interested in or you want me to discuss in more detail, shoot me a message or leave a comment.

Thor Says: Do what you want. This is what worked for Aegis. This can work for you, but You have to make the choice to make the changes. little changes, little results. Big Changes, Big Results.
Cheating delays results, but if you must you must. Just don't cheat every day.

#1. Eliminate Sugar- refined or otherwise, it's in everything
Limit yourself to 1 medium fruit or a small amount of berries/day if you must
Resist Temptation, the sugar cravings will go away.

#2. Avoid Refined Carbohydrates-
Especially wheat and flours, not just for insulin and leptin effect
but the multitude of anti nutrients, immune response, the list goes
on, maybe this should be rule 1? Check Ingredient lists wheat/flour is
in everything and its Bad. We will talk more about it later.

#3. Eat more healthy fat- Saturated, Mono-unsaturated, Omega 3, animal
fats. Avoid trans fat and polyunsaturated fats- low fat is a bad bad
myth- check ingredients for veggie fats, canola, corn oil etc are Bad sources of omega 6's

#4. Imtermittently Fast - skip a meal or two and do not replace it/
binge at the following meal. The health benefits go far beyond simple
calorie restriction

#5. Train Fasted/Train High Intensity Interval Training - you have to
adapt to it, but training fasted will MELT the Lbs and is healthier,
HIIT will create a very beneficial hormone environment for weightloss
and health 2-3 days a week. 10minutes. Huge difference. HI means High Intensity, its only 10min, push yourself.

#6. Don't Binge- don't starve, but stop when your satiated, not when
you're stuffed. Eat slower, drink more Water and let your food digest

#7. Track/accountability- make a logbook, record your weight, ask a
friend to help. Make sure you're clear why you want to be healthier for life.. Then use that motivation to keep yourself on track.

#8. Don't drink Calories even Diet- your body doesn't recognize the
calories the same, Drink Water, Tea(especially Green), Black Coffee
Avoid Psuedowater, etc. Check all labels for sugar/calorie count/ingredients.

#9. Move daily- 30min minimum anywhere, the mall, the grocery store,
around the block. Just get your circulation going, every day. Doesn't have to be fast, just daily.

#10.Sleep - 8 hours quality sleep
The goal is to not need an alarm clock
This means avoid stimulants late in the day as they disrupt sleep
patterns. This will effect, hunger, mood, hormones, everything. Don't do the rest and skip Vital Rule #10.


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