Monday, May 31, 2010

How to get Started.

I've been asked by several people now, How did you get the motivation to get started?
So heres another quick list of steps to get you off the couch and get you started on your own weight loss journey.

Thor Says: Repair your Metabolism.

Go back to one of my first posts about Leptin/Insulin. Metabolic Syndrome (Obesity/etc) is caused by high Resistance with these 2 hormones. Repairing these 2 hormones will cause you body to be able to distinguish WHEN to stop and start eating on its own.

How? Food. Meat, Vegetables, Limited Nuts,  Limited Fruit. In that order. Avoid Vegetable Oils, Sugars, Grains.

Thor Says: Don't Overeat.

this one looks good on paper, harder to accomplish.
Don't clean your plate.
Don't Fill your plate. Its ok if theres extra room.
Don't go back for seconds.
Don't trust that hunger pain... remember, your hormones are damaged, until they are repaired, they dont know whats best for you... but soon.
Don't eat at Buffets.
Don't eat till you are Stuffed, Stop once you aren't hungry, maybe earlier.
Eat Satiating Food. Carbs dont fill you up. They make you hungrier. Protein and Fat fill you up.

Thor Says: Skip a Meal.

It won't kill you, mainstream media tells you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day... or maybe they just want you to buy their processed carbohydrate obesity puffs?
If you're trying to lose weight, skip breakfast, eat a reasonable lunch(of only good healthy food) and a healthy dinner. Suck it up, show some willpower, the hunger cravings are simply a trained response from a broken hormonal system. I promise they will go away. Once your sensitivity to Insulin and Leptin return, you'll find that you can skip an entire day and still feel great when you've had enough to eat.

You will learn that Food is fuel for activities, and when you eat right and your hormones are in balance, you will find yourself with boundless energy and the DESIRE to get up and do things!!!

Thor Says: Walk.

Get everything moving. Don't worry about muscle gain, exercise, Aerobics, Weight Lifting or the rest of the high intensity activities. Once your hormones are repaired, you will WANT to do those things.

Until then, Walk. 30 minutes a day. Just get yourself moving. If you're in a situation similar to where I was, a 30 min walk is a huge workout!!!

Thor Says: Sleep

If you're not rested, you wont have energy. Only you know how much you need. I highly doubt that 5-6 hours is adequate however.
Avoid the Bright lights of a computer or TV before going to sleep. Give yourself at least 30minutes of no bright light before going to sleep and you will sleep significantly better.

Once your Hormones are Repaired, you will no longer need to count calories(you'll stop eating naturally, including skipping a meal when not hungry), you will no longer need to schedule exercise(you will seek it naturally) you will simply have to eat naturally, and avoid the garbage thats prevalent in the SAD. (Standard American Diet)

Thats all it takes to get Started.


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