Tuesday, May 18, 2010

But, I don't want to give up my ________.

This was summed up to exactly the point I'd like to make.

Why give up certain things you've grown accustomed to?


Follow that link, read it, if required, read it again.

And seriously think about it. We are talking about your LIFE.

Your Long Term Health.

many of you will shrug and continue making poor choices, and as long as you're ok with that, that's fine.
But don't weakly justify your way out of what could be a better longer stronger life.

If you can trade Sugar for Fitness and Longevity, thats your choice. I'll silently disapprove(especially if I like you and want you to live longer), but I wont take the doughnut out of your hand.

Thats your Choice.

photo courtesy of SezzRS

`you are not responsible for the thoughts that come into your mind – but you are responsible for those you chose to act upon’

I may think I want that tasty treat, but I think about how my Insulin and Leptin will be affected, how my Blood Sugar will spike and crash and how I will feel afterwards, how my digestive system and immune system will be compromised....
and its not so hard to turn it down. Honestly, The sweet stuff is too sweet now anyways. Cravings change when you don't eat garbage all the time.
I find it hard to turn down a Good Steak... then I realize, there's no good reason for me to do so.

I don't want to control your decisions, I'll just help provide the information that will let you make informed decisions. After that, the choice is up to you.

Keep Reading and see just how deep the rabbit hole really goes.


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