Sunday, May 16, 2010

Eating Healthy doesn't mean it tastes bad.

Im appalled. Honestly. Where did this misnomer come from?
Where did the confusion come from that FOOD of all things must not be good for you if it tastes good?

Is it the Lack of Sugar? Honestly, I dont crave sugar anymore. I crave Meat.

Someone asked me the other day, if you dont eat sugar, what do you do on your birthday?

I said, If you feel the need to stick a candle in something, make me a Very Large Steak, Medium Rare to Rare and stick a candle in it. We will all enjoy it much much more than that sugary concoction and resulting crash.

So were going to dispel that hideous rumor that food can't taste good without sugar.

Im going to be adding recipes to my blog. Real Food, Real Healthy, No Sugar, Real Tasty.

Heres that Same Tasty Grass Fed Steak, with Zucchini, Scallops, and a Cinnamon Sweet Potato. Mmm.

Heres a Flax Seed Crust Pizza, Homemade.Only Carbs are in the Veggies. Easy.

One of my Favorite Meals, Ginger Garlic Salmon, Cayenne Shrimp/Scallops, Asparagus, Zucchini/Squash, Sauteed Mushrooms.

even old favorites like Apple Muffins can be made healthy. These were a special treat due to a little Raw Honey drizzled on top.

So don't even begin to think that if you decide, you want to eat healthy that you have to sacrifice Taste Flavor or even comfort foods, There are ways to make virtually all your old favorites. and realize that some misconceptions like that silly smaller than your fist portion size of meat is just that... silly.

I eat Large Healthy Portions of REAL Food.

Minimally Processed Tasty Tasty Food.

Got a favorite? Want to share it or just want to know how to make it healthy? Let me know!


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