Friday, May 28, 2010

Our Stocked Kitchen - Meat!

We like to keep a wide variety available, since we never know what we want to eat.

Heres what we keep in stock in our Kitchen, and where we get it.
When you see a great deal... stock up, Freezers are your friends. Vacuum Sealing is very helpful as well.

  • Grass Fed Steaks. Omega 3-6 Balance better than Grain fed, more vitamins, CLA etc. as an added bonus, It Tastes Much Better too(once you try it, youll be hooked!! A cheap grassfed tastes better than higher end cuts of grain-fed 
    • In Atlanta, we go to Dekalb Farmers Market($5.99-9.99/lb). In Gwinnett, Whole Foods (6.99-12.99/lb)
Grass-fed Beef - 3 Sirloin Steaks
  • Grass Fed Ground Beef- A much more economical Version of Grass Fed Beef. All the taste without the extreme cost. Great for Making Meatloaf, Meatza!, Hamburger Steaks, Stir Fry etc.
    • Costco Carries Verde Farms (~$12/3lbs) and Publix carries White Oak(~5.99/lb)
    • We keep ALOT of Grass Fed Ground Beef in the Freezer, its very versatile, tasty, and at roughly $4/lb... a great value.
Grass-fed Ground Beef - 6 pounds
  • Wild Salmon - One of the best sources of Omega 3 and a host of other Goodies for your health. Wild Salmon doesnt live in filth, eats what its supposed to and is a richer color and you can taste the difference. The Cost is usually roughly the same, however you sometimes have to look harder to find Wild. We buy ALL Seafood Wild if we can.
    • Costco and Sams Club are good resources, Price Fluxuates Heavily Wild Salmon is easier to find than Grass Fed Beef.
Omaha Steaks 12 (6 oz.) Wild Salmon Fillets
  • Other Seafood - Depends on what we find, are in the mood for. Ahi Tuna, Scallops, Cod, Mackerel, Halibut. Wild Fish, or whatever looks particularly taste at Dekalb Farmers Market when we go.
Omaha Steaks 12 (6 oz.) Ahi Tuna Steaks

  • Eggs - An Inexpensive Staple. We use Eggs as quick snacks(hard-boiled) as Breakfast (Omelettes, Scrambled with HotSauce, Fried, Fritatta) Cheap and Healthy. Eggs ARE good for you. Eggs are one of the few Whole Protein sources. We go for the High Omega 3 Eggs (350mg per Egg) they have a healthier Omega 3 to 6 ratio.
    • Walmart has the Omega 3 Eggs (350mg per Egg) for $1.66/dz, alternately if you want a much healthier egg and dont mind paying a little extra, Grass Fed Traditions sells 4Dz for $25.99 ($6.50/dz) Organic Soy-free Omega 3 Eggs (4 dozen)
Organic Soy-free Omega 3 Eggs (4 dozen)

  • Beef Jerky - We dont eat alot... but its a quick grab and go snack for Hiking, Biking, Walking or a Day at Six Flags. This is the least healthy meat we eat, as its Grain Fed and has a little sugar added as well.Pick your preference yourself, its sold everywhere, but get whole meat, dont get the processed sticks.Look for the types with the Least Sugar and Lowest amount of preservatives and additives. The Closer you get to "Ingredients: Beef", the better.
    • We have a Dehydrator and make our own now. Cheaper, Healthier and Tastier.

Jack Link's Beef Jerky, 100 Calorie Pack, Original, 1.25-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)

  • Chicken - Pastured/Free Range Chicken falls under the same boat as Grass Fed Beef, yet even harder to find. Stick to Organic if the cost isnt much Higher... Personally I'd rather spend my money on Grass Fed Steaks and Wild Salmon.
Poultry Lovers Package

  • Pork - We dont generally eat alot of Pork. We love Nitrate Free Bacon Bratwurst, and Sausage. Just be careful to read the Ingredient Lists to see what they have added to your tasty tasty Bacon.
Mountain Products Smokehouse Family Size No-Nitrate Smoked Bacon   German Style Nurnberger Bratwurst

  • Bison - Very similar to Grass Fed Beef. The taste is quite good and has been described as more earthy. with a similar cost to Grass Fed Beef, and a similar nutrition profile, Bison is a Much Tougher meat and very chewy. We stick to the Beef.
  • Lamb - Still meaning to try it. Honestly no current opinion at this time.
  • Turkey - Seasonal Bird for our household. great for leftovers. Follow same rules as Chicken.


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